HP Officejet 5610 - Display area

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Display area
The display area on the right side of the Help window displays the Help topic you
select from one of the tabs on the left. Help topics include descriptive text, step-by-
step instructions, and illustrations, if applicable.

Topics often include links to other topics in the Help system where you can find
additional information. Sometimes a link automatically opens the new topic in the
display area. At other times, there might be more than one applicable topic. When

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this is the case, the

Topics Found

dialog box appears. Double-click any topic

listed in the dialog box to view it in the display area.

Some topics include detailed instructions or additional information that is not
immediately visible on the page. Look for the words

Show All


Hide All

at the

top right side of the page. If these words are visible, it means there is additional
information hidden on the page. The hidden information is indicated by dark blue
text with an arrow. You can view the hidden information by clicking the dark blue

Some topics include animated videos that show you how to use a particular
feature. These animations are identified by a video camera icon, followed by the
words "Show me how". When you click the "Show me how" link text, the
animation runs in a new window.