HP Officejet 5610 - Help toolbar

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Help toolbar
The Help toolbar, shown below, contains buttons that enable you to move around the
topics in the Help. You can move backwards through topics that you have already
viewed, or you can click the

Help Center

button to access Help for other software

applications on your Mac.

1 Back
2 Help Center
3 Search area

The Help toolbar also contains a text box that enables you to search the entire Help
system for specific words, such as "borderless print".
After entering your search criteria, press R


on your keyboard to view a list of all

the topics that contain the words or phrases you entered. The results are listed in a
three-column table. Each row contains the title of the


, the



based on its relevance to your search criteria), and the


in the Help where

the topic is contained.
By default, the results are sorted by


, so that the topic that best matches

your search criteria is at the top of the list. You can also sort the results by the




by clicking the table heading for that column. To view the contents of a

topic, double-click that row in the results table. The selected topic appears.

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