HP Officejet 5610 - Display area

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Display area
The display area in the right pane displays the Help topic you select in the center
pane. Help topics include descriptive text, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations, if

Many topics in the

HP Image Zone Help

include information about how to use a

feature from the control panel on the HP All-in-One as well as from the

HP Image

User Guide


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software on the Mac. Use the scroll bars to the right of the display area to

view all the content in a particular topic. Sometimes important information is not
visible in the window without scrolling.

Topics often include links or references to other topics in the Help system where
you can find additional information.

If the related topic appears in the same section of the Help, the topic
automatically opens in the display area.

If the related topic appears in a different section of the Help, the current topic
provides a reference telling you which section to choose from the left
navigation pane. You can either locate the related topic by using the center
navigation pane, or you can search for the topic, as described in the next

Some topics include animated videos that show you how to use a particular
feature. These animations are identified by a video camera icon, followed by the
words "Show me how". When you click the video camera icon, the animation runs
in a new window.