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Sources of information

Setup Guide
The Setup Guide provides instructions for setting up your HP All-in-
One and installing software. Make sure you follow the steps in the
Setup Guide in order.


To take full advantage of the features on the HP All-in-One,

you might need to perform additional setup or set additional
preferences, described in the User Guide you are reading. For
more information, see

Finish setting up your HP All-in-One


If you have problems during setup, see Troubleshooting in the last
section of the Setup Guide, or see

Troubleshooting information


this User Guide.

User Guide
This User Guide contains information on how to use your HP All-in-
One, including troubleshooting tips and step-by-step instructions. It
also provides additional setup instructions to supplement those in
the Setup Guide.

HP Image Zone Tour (Windows)
The HP Image Zone Tour is a fun, interactive way to get a brief
overview of the software included with your HP All-in-One. You'll
learn how the

HP Image Zone

software can help you edit, organize,

and print your photos.

User Guide


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HP Image Zone Help


HP Image Zone Help

provides detailed instructions on features

of your HP All-in-One that are not described in this User Guide,
including features that are only available using the

HP Image Zone



The Get step-by-step instructions topic provides information
on using the

HP Image Zone

software with HP devices.

The Explore what you can do topic provides more information
about the practical and creative things you can do with the

HP Image Zone

software and your HP devices.

If you need further assistance or want to check for HP software
updates, see the Troubleshooting and support topic.


The How Do I? topic provides more information about the
practical and creative things you can do with the

HP Image


software and your HP devices.

The Get Started topic area provides information about
importing, modifying, and sharing your images.

The Use Help topic provides more information about finding
information in the onscreen Help.

For more information, see

Use the onscreen Help


Onscreen help from your device
Onscreen help is available from your device and contains additional
information on select topics.

To access onscreen help from the control panel

Press the




Press until the appropriate help topic appears, and then


. The help topic opens on your computer screen.

The Readme file contains the most recent information which might
not be found in other publications.
Install the software to access the Readme file.


If you have Internet access, you can get help and support from the
HP website. This website offers technical support, drivers, supplies,
and ordering information.

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